West London musician Adam Masterson’s sound might surprise you.  Soft-spoken and seemingly reserved in person, Masterson commands attention on stage with his unique acoustic sound steeped in Southern Soul, Blues and Folk Rock.  Thunderous piano chords, catchy guitar hooks, and soulfully gritty vocals compliment the singer/songwriter’s rich, artfully crafted lyrics, earning him comparisons to Dylan and Springsteen, and generating “next big thing” buzz.

Now 27 years old, Adam Masterson recalls growing up in London listening to artists like Bob Dylan and Neil Young.  At a young age he began writing his own songs saying “I made that connection with music because it speaks to me that way and these songs will stay with me no matter what journey I face, I was pretty ambitious for a young guy.”  As a teenager, he flirted with the disposable Euro-Pop that his friends were gorging themselves on, but it always left him wanting more from the music.  “I would get excited about a band, listen to the record three or four times and then dispose of it.”  

Disenchanted, Masterson gravitated back towards the classic artists that originally sparked his interest in music.  He immersed himself in the music of David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, and Robert Johnson whose work would establish the foundation for the development of Masterson’s musical style as well as his song writing aesthetic.  Masterson also developed a love for literature, drawing inspiration from French and American writers and poets and more recently Irish folk music and writers, drawing a comparison to his songwriting process by saying, “music comes out of you and ideas behind songs need to be intensified and developed.”

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Originally playing for friends in New York bars and landing an “Intern” residency at Manhattan’s lower east side “Living Room,” Masterson began making a name for himself, and soon had a loyal following of fans packing shows every week.  It was at this time that Masterson met and befriended New York musician Joseph Arthur who introduced him to Anna Gabriel, known on the music scene for her filmmaking, photography and ear for new talent. Gabriel was impressed by Masterson and is currently directing his highly anticipated music video for “Avenue Walk.” Although considered new on the music scene, Masterson has already had some rock star moments.  While playing a charity concert with Mick Jones from The Clash, actor Orlando Bloom joined them on stage, lending his vocals to “Should I Stay or Should I go”. On another occasion, he was called on stage by Patti Smith to play with her on the classic “Gloria”.  Masterson recalls how he and smith connected over a poem she had written years earlier.  “We got along really well,” Masterson recalls.  “I read a poem she wrote and asked her about it.  No one had ever asked her about it.” 

It’s moments like these that spark his confidence, heightening his profile in both the U.S. and London.  Masterson’s transatlantic fan base is rare for an up-and-coming artist, but after beginning to build hype in New York, Masterson’s visa expired and he had to return to London.  He brought back with him the energy and confidence he had built in the US, and although slow at first, word began to spread throughout the London music scene, generating positive reviews and a growing audience of enthusiastic fans.  Now back in New York, maintaining fan bases on both sides of the pond is a challenge but Masterson says, “It’s been good, every gig has a real respect from the crowd.” Masterson has noticed a strong connection between his American fans and his Park Avenue inspired song “Avenue Walk” saying, “Park Avenue is beautiful and I would walk up there a lot and I wanted to write about the feeling I got.  I came out here and people like that song, it connects with Americans.”

Masterson is currently working on a new album and playing showcases and gigs in New York City.  His highly anticipated video for “Avenue Walk” is expected to be released this fall.

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